Carrie Pyle Lawrence is a single mom, former tv producer and a health/fitness/self-care enthusiast.  She believes that every person deserves to explore and discover their best self.  

Carrie’s journey began in her small town of Stuart, Florida where she dreamed of escaping her sleepy little beach town to chase her bright light dreams of working in television.  At 25, she impulsively moved to Los Angeles and began working for Al Gore’s TV and Digital Network, Current TV.  Three years and several awards later, Carrie transitioned into the wild arena of Reality TV.  She had the successful Television Agent Husband, two young children and the coveted job of Co-Executive Producer of popular tv shows like Big Brother and Dancing with the Stars .  She was living her idea of “Perfect” and couldn’t understand why she was still unhappy.  It took a series of tragic events,  for her to finally experience her own unhappiness.   From that moment, Carrie refocused her own life to include everything she loves and nothing she doesn’t.  She rebuilt her confidence through self-care; working out, eating right and going to therapy.  She lived without boundaries and shared every detail of her life; both good and bad.  She started to inspire the people around her and continued to feel inspired by life itself.  And as her journey progressed, she invited others to join her. And here we are, on a platform that allows all of us to share our stories, feel accountable to ourselves and strive to make every single day count.  Carrie’s journey is still in full effect and with every new discovery, she captures it, shares it  and encourages everyone to find their happy. 


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PYLED is not some lame production company that produces content similar to a local car commercial.  We don't do generic.  Our style is story telling. Every single piece of content that PYLED creates is customized.  Every story is different, let us tell yours.

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If you are struggling to stay on track with your nutrition, need motivation to get your butt off the couch or just need some words of encouragement, this is the place for you.


Reality Television, Short Form Content and YouTube Segments

Carrie Pyle Lawrence has been creating content professionally for 14 years.  Her work has appeared on hit network television shows like Dancing with the Stars and Big Brother.  She was the Co-Executive Producer for Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian.  In addition to these popular shows, she has worked on many shows that you have never heard of; from game shows, to competition reality, investigative content, docuseries, and the list goes on.  What you see on this website is just a small portion of her work.  To see her entire list of credits, click the link below

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